Evidence-based treatment of Adjustment Disorder
July 1, 2022
Ethics in Public Institutions workshop
August 8, 2022
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South African CBT Institute

The South African CBT Institute was launched in 2022 and we’re introducing three courses as part of our training journey.
1. CBT in Practice. This is intended for all helping professions hoping to get an in-depth introduction to CBT. 
2. CBT for Depression. Learn cognitive and behavioural strategies to effectively treat patients with depression 
3. CBT for Anxiety. Learn cognitive and behavioural strategies for treating common anxiety disorders such as GAD, Social Anxiety Disorders and Panic Disorder

(Coming soon: CBT for Trauma and CBT for Personality Disorders)

For more information or further questions, you’re welcome to contact us on:
Phone or Whatsapp 066 599 6957
Email: assist@icbtcentral.com