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Schema Therapy Training Course

 Schema Therapy Training Courses 2022
Part 1 (Days 1 – 3) March 6th – 9th 2022
Part 2 (Days 3 – 6) October 2nd – 5th 2022

These courses will be held online

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Information about
Schema Therapy Training Course Part 1
Days 1 – 3 of a 6-day course
March 6th – 9th 2022
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Cost: R5000

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The buttons below allow you to download a copy of the workshop announcement, the workshop application form and two agreement forms.  To apply for a place in the workshop you will need to complete and send us the Workshop application and also sign and submit the two agreement forms.

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Download the workshop announcement and details
Download the workshop application form
Download the Online training conditions agreement form
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Note:  in the online format we start off with a 2 hour introduction followed by 3 x 6 hour days.

Day 0 (2 hours) – SUNDAY 6th March – 15:30-17:30
Introduction – history and main concepts 
Schemas and early maladaptive schemas

The three full days that follow will have two 30 minute tea/coffee breaks and a two hour lunch break.
Day 1 (6 hours) – MONDAY 7th March – 9:00-18:00
Basic concepts, schema modes, schema therapy as evidence-based practice, assessment and case conceptualisation.
Group imagery exercise

Day 2 (6 hours) – TUESDAY 8th March  – 9:00-18:00 
Principles of experiential psychotherapy and introduction to imagery, imagery rescripting and chair-work.
Two role play experiential exercise sessions.

Day 3 (6 hours) – WEDNESDAY 9th March – 9:00-18:00 
Cognitive techniques / Working with the relationship
Two role play experiential exercise sessions.

A workshop to be presented by
Professor David Edwards 

Schema therapy is an integrative therapy initially developed by Jeffrey Young during the 1990’s to address the challenges of working with complex cases.It has become increasingly evidence-based as randomized controlled trials have demonstrated its effectiveness with most personality disorders, including Borderline Personality Disorder. A recent international trial showed that a combination of  group schema therapy and individual schema therapy can be particularly effective.  Another recently published  trial showed that schema therapy is efficacious in the treatment of violent offenders who have been incarcerated. Schema therapy is being increasingly used internationally with a range of challenging clinical problems including treatment resistant depression, eating disorders and complex trauma.
 The presenter is certified with the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) as a schema therapist and trainer and was the President of this Society for four years from 2017-2020.

The full six-day program presents all the major components of schema therapy: experiential, relational, cognitive and behavioural and shows how they are integrated within a comprehensive case conceptualization to develop a therapy plan that can help clients towards the process of Reinventing your life” (the title of the self-help book by Jeffrey Young and Janet Klosko). It meets the requirements for workshop training of the ISST. Fuller details are available at   

This course covers the first half of the 40 hours of didactic and experiential training specified by the ISST.  It is a component of the overall training that leads to certification by the ISST as a schema therapist. It also leads to the award of the South African Diploma in Schema Therapy.