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April 13, 2019
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May 2, 2019
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Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act Workshops

Is your Practice ready for POPI?

Protection of Personal Information Act Workshop
Confidentiality and Ethics [6 CEUs in Ethics]:
Focusing on Practice Compliance

The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act (No 4 of 2013) affects all healthcare providers in both the public and private sector. It is widely debated that the POPI Act presents one of the most disruptive compliance challenges in South African business history. Full compliance with the POPI Act is expected by the end of 2019. What does this mean in your practice?

This workshop aims to:
• Efficiently translate onerous documentation and research into a practical condensed format
• Distil the terrain of the POPI Act specific to healthcare practice
• Provide a framework to navigate the practical implementation of the legal requirements of POPI
• Inspire the thinking, preparation and implementation of POPI into your specific practice

Dates : 1 June 2019 / Repeat – 19 October 2019
Venue : Vintage Tower Conference Center
256 Smit St, Fairland, Randburg, 2170
Registration: 08h00
Time: 08h30 – 15h00
Investment : R1450.00 Students : R1200.00

CEUs : 6 CEUs in Ethics

For more information, to be added to our database or to register for the workshop, please e-mail : or call
Aderyn Exley – 083 325 5679 – Counselling Psychologist /
Adri Kruger – 082 971 4437 – Clinical Psychologist
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Who is this workshop for?
• Any health professional running a practice or healthcare practitioner who works with client information;
• If concepts like ‘Personal Information’, ‘Data Subject’ and the ‘8 conditions of Lawful Processing’ are new to you and you find the thought of wading through red-tape intimidating; and
• If you have not yet created your practice specific Security Impact Assessment; Personal Information Processing Manual or a Privacy Notice – then this is the workshop for you!

Who we are:
Practical Wisdom builds a community of thinking, talking and learning health care professionals; harnessing practical experience and theoretical integration through collective engagement. This contributory culture creates the opportunity for distilled wisdom in practice that is current, relevant, ethical and valuable.

Practicing Wisdom became a natural flow from the smaller collaboration of Aderyn Exley (Counselling Psychologist; Private Practice) and Adri Kruger (Clinical Psychologist; Private Practice) who together have 43 years of private practice trials and tribulations. Working together to be better practitioners is a shared value to both.

Our Style:
Building a partnership rooted in the ethos to practice courage and have
conversations at the right time, with the right people about the right
things in a way that benefits and honours all. They do this by mining
wisdom through whole-brain interaction.