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August 14, 2019
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December 3, 2019
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Interactional Psychotherapy Courses

Interactional Psychotherapy Courses

Impact Training is back in 2022 with more courses in Interactional Psychotherapy! And, this time, our booking, payment, evaluation and certificate process is all online, making CPD seamless. All training (except equine-assisted psychotherapy) is on Zoom, so you can join in from anywhere in the country. 

The Interactional Approach aims to bring clients into optimal engagement with their environments, by helping them become more effective in their relationships. The Interactional Approach punctuates observations, formulations and interventions on observable, describable and tangible data: namely, communication. Impact has training aimed at all 3 levels of the Interactional Approach:

Observations: IPA Level I will train you in the Interactional Pattern Analysis, a psychodiagnostic tool that gives us a conceptual framework for understanding a client’s interactional style and how it links to presenting complaints. Person-Centred Interviewing provides a way of quickly building rapport with a client while gathering all relevant clinical data. It is a method that replaces laborious history taking and provides clean data for formulating the IPA, but also, as the foundation for a solid psychotherapeutic process.

Formulations: In IPA II, we apply the IPA to developing systematic treatment plans and understanding Interactional Psychotherapy, taking the guess work and hard work out of therapy

Interventions: Strategic Psychotherapy (IPA III), Interactional Couples Therapy and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy! At these trainings you will learn specific techniques of psychotherapy that will equip you to do high quality interactional work with your clients, leaving you feeling mobilised and empowered. 

Come and have a look at our new website and sign up for your journey to becoming a skilled Interactional Psychotherapist and enjoy our 2022 courses at 2021 prices for the month of December. Interns, comm serves, students and registered counsellors receive a further 20% discount. 

See you all in 2022!

The Impact Team